Dimensions :

Frame main body size : 150*95mm Diagonal : 433.50mm Motor to motor : 292*322mm (length*width) Height : 43mm Weight : xxg Propeller size : up to 10'

Electronics :

Flight Controller :

All Pixhawk Cube autopilots supported. Atom has the same connectivity and the same connectors layout than original Cube carrier board. It also includes a Power Selection Module, in order to grant flight controller power redudancy (user selectable).

Power :

Atom mother board includes built in : - Power Distribution (PDB), Battery connector : XT60 - Two voltage regulators able to provide up to 3A continuous. Power1 is a fix 5V3 power supply dedicated to the Flight Controller. Power2 output voltage can be selected buy user (5V3 or 12V). It could be to be used as Cube redundant power supply or to power third accessories/modules. - Current and voltage sensing (max 100A/6S) - Voltage rating : 4S-6S - 4in1 ESC module

ESCs :

Max voltage : 6S Current rating : 45A continuous / 55A burst Main controller : 32bits Control signal : Dshot150/Dshot300/Dshot600/Proshot1000 and backward-compatible with Oneshot125/Oneshot42/Mutishot & PWM Firmware : BLHeli32
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