Control Interface

The ultimate Z-Cam E1 remote control device
Z-Cam E1 control interface is a device that allow to remotely control the main functions of the Z-Cam E1 by using a standard RC controller.
The interface is automatically detected at camera startup
Note : To be detected, the Control Interface must be connected before powering ON the camera. The E1 does not support hot-plug
-1). Gently plug AV-Interface in the I/O port of the Z-Cam E1. Take care to insert it straight. Avoid lateral movements to prevent camera or control cable connector damage.
- 2). Connect the wires : (refer to the pinout diagram) a. Connect the desired control interface pins to the RC receiver.‌ b. Connect AV out (if used) c. Connect the 5V + GND control interface power input and power it
- 3). Power ON the Z-Cam E1 camera.‌
- 4). Turn the CVBS output ON to activate the command mode : Press ‘Menu’ button and enter E1 camera menu. Go to ‘Settings’ > press ‘Fn’ button to validate Go to ‘Setup Menu’ > press ‘Fn’ button to validate Go to ‘CVBS output’ > press ‘Fn’ button to enter - Activate the CVBS output​
- 5). Configure the RC controller : Setup the RC transmitter for each function to use by refering the following scheme .
From left side to right side : (Colors can differ) 1- Black : GND 2- Red : +5V 3- Yellow : AV out 4- CH6 : Nothing 5- CH5 : Nothing 6- CH4 : Low PWM value : Zoom Out / Mid PWM value : nothing / high PWM value : Zoom in (2 postions switch is enough) 7- CH3 : Low PWM value : Stop video / Mid PWM value : nothing / high PWM value : Start video (2 postions switch is enough) 8- CH2 : Low PWM value : Go Photo mode / Mid PWM value : nothing / high PWM value : Go Video mode (2 postions switch is enough) 9- CH1 : Low PWM value : nothing / Mid PWM value : autofocus / high PWM value : Photo Shutter (3 positions switch is recommended)
Low value : between 1100-1400 Mid value : between 1401-1600 High value : between 1601-1900
How to solve
E1 back LCD screen is off
This is normal when the CVBS output is activated because the video stream is sent to the AV interface. To get the image back on the camera LCD, power off the E1, unplug the control interface & power On the E1 again
I no longer have the video stream with AV Interface
Each time you use the E1 without the AV interface, the CVBS output will automatically turn off. Just power cycle the camera with the interface plugged in, and re-activate ‘CVBS out’ in the menu
The video stream is frozen on my external monitor
This occurs when the E1 is not used and switches to standby mode. To wake up the monitor, take a picture or start/stop a video. To avoid this, you can disable the ‘Auto off panel’ (Settings > Setup Menu > Auto off panel > Set to : Manual)