Mini Carrier Board

General :

The Airbot Systems Mini carrier board is one of the most simple way to install a Cube (aka Pixhawk 2.1) on a drone. The Mini carrier board encapsulate all the wiring in a 50.5x57.5mm board The carrier board allows saving space and weight for applications which have size limits.

Dimensions :

Features :

  • Dual power inputs (redundant power with automatic switch to the second power source when first one fails, thanks to the Proficnc-Hex Power Selection Module // Power inputs must be between 5v and 5.7v)
  • Easy to install on a drone (see the mounting pattern above)
  • Power distribution & voltage protection (providing the current to each connector)
  • Motors PWM signal distribution (up to 8 motors - distributed on board corners)
  • Standard 2.54mm servo PPM/S.BUS/Spectrum RC input (+5v/+3.3v selectable and provided by the carrier board)
  • AUX center pins are connected together. It allows to power the AUX rail by adding external power supply. (from v1.4)

Connectivity :

Pinout Diagram :

RC Signal an Power selection :

From v1.3, a layout trace connect RC signal (PPM/SBUS) and 5v by default. Soldering is not necessary. If you want to use Spectrum and 3v3, simply cut this traces and solder the corresponding bridge
The RX power pin is only for small and low consumption standard modules (Graupner, Futaba, Taranis, ...,). If you use RX with that need more power (ex: Herelink Air unit) you should power it by a dedicated power supply.

How to mount it :

You can make the fastener by yourself : if you have a 3D printer, you can download a 3D file to print the mounting bracket or download a .DXF file if you have a CNC milling machine. These files are downloadable from the product page on website. We are considering to manufacture fasteners and put on our website, for people who can not make it themselves.

Autopilots compatibility :

The Airbot Systems mini carrier boards are 100% compatible with the all Cubes familly !