AV Module

The Z-Cam E1 AV interface is the perfect tool to get analog video signal from E1

Product page : https://www.airbot-systems.com/produit/module-retour-video-av-interface-z-cam-e1/?lang=en


Z-Cam E1 AV interface is a plug and play device. It use the power provided by the camera to works. Do never connect an external power source on E1-AV interface!

The AV interface is automatically detected at camera startup


*Notice : The AV-Interface must be connected before powering on the camera, E1 does not support hot-plug

-1). Gently plug AV-Interface in the I/O port of your Z-Cam E1. Take care to insert it straight. Avoid making lateral movements to prevent camera or any Av-Interface connector damage.

- 2). Power ON the Z-Cam E1 camera.

- 3). Press ‘Menu’ button and enter E1 camera menu. - Go to ‘Settings’ > press ‘Fn’ button to validate - Go to ‘Setup Menu’ > press ‘Fn’ button to validate - Go to ‘CVBS output’ > press ‘Fn’ button to enter - Activate the CVBS output


Depending on your use, you will have to solder wires/cable corresponding to the characteristics of the device on which you want to display the camera stream.

The two solder pads (video & GND) are easily identifiable.

*CAUTION : Over-heating the interface can damage the PCB or components.

Tips & Tricks :


How to solve

E1 back LCD screen is black

This is normal when the CVBS output is activated because the video stream is sent to the AV interface. To get the image back on the camera LCD, power off the E1, unplug the AV interface & power On the E1 again

I no longer have the video stream with AV Interface

Each time you use the E1 without the AV interface, the CVBS output will automatically turn off. Just power cycle the camera with the interface plugged in, and re-activate ‘CVBS out’ in the menu

The video stream is frozen on my external monitor

This occurs when the E1 is not used and switches to standby mode. To wake up the monitor, take a picture or start/stop a video. To avoid this, you can disable the ‘Auto off panel’ (Settings > Setup Menu > Auto off panel > Set to : Manual)

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