The Combo PRO ESC is the ultimate solution to get a full 6S capable Cube environement in the most compact size possible. This version of the combo includes : - Mini Carrier Board - Mini PDB Pro (2022 version) - 4in1 ESC (4*60A/6S) - 4* Cube screws - 8* nylon spacers - Cube full cables Set - Airbot Systems PRO-ESC cables

The Mini Carrier Board :

You can find all informations about the Mini Carrier Board on the dedicated page on the wiki or on the product page. Actual version : v1.4

PRO ESC Distribution Board (PDB)

This version of Airbot PDB includes : - Power distribution to the 4in1 ESC - ESC outputs solder pads - Dual power supplies (max 3A continuous / 5A peaks tolerant) Power 1 : 5V3 fixed voltage (Main Cube power source) Power 2 : voltage output can be selected (5V3 or 12V). It can be used as redundant Cube power supply (5V3) or to power any other 12V device. - Current sensing (100A/200A Max - depending on version) - Voltage sensing (6S Max)
--> Do not power the Cube with 12V !! <--
POWER 2 is set to 5V3 by default. To change the voltage read the instructions below

Voltage Selection:

There are solder bridges on the bottom face of the PCB. These bridges are used to select the voltage output of Power2 supply. In order to select the desired voltage, simply bridge the pads corresponding to the desired voltage.
By default the 5V3 is active. The the two pads are joigned by a little built in copper track. So before turning the output to 12V, this track should be cut first ! Then the 12V solder bridge can be soldered. Make sure the trace is correctly cut by using a multimeter to perform a continuity test.

4in1 ESC Module :

Model :
Flycolor Trinx G5
ESC Chip :
ARM 32-bit Cortex MCU STM32G071, frequency up to 64 MHZ
Max current by ESC :
60A (70A burst <10sec)
Voltage range :
Firmware :
Software configurable :


Flycolor 4in1 ESC User Guide.pdf

Installation & Setup

Install the combo ESC on a drone

The combo is very easy to integrate, you simply have to follow the holes pattern provided below, place the nylon spacers between the frame and the boards provide and install screw and nuts and you are good to go. (screws length will depends of your frame / thickness of support) We provide different files and documents you can download for free in the Free Downloads section of our website. It includes .pdf file you can print (at 100% scale) to help you drilling mounting holes manually, a dxf file to allow CNC router users to get the outlines ready to cut and 3D files to allow drone manufacturers to integrate it in their UAV developments.

Setup parameters

Use your favorite software to change the following parameters in your Cube, and get the sensors working. We recommand to use Mission Planner.


Dimensions : 65.5*85*XXmm PDB ESC weight : 50g (including ESCs) Mini carrier board weight : 19g Full set weight : XXg . (including all wires) PDB Esc max current : 100A or 200A (depending on version) Max voltage : 6S (26v7 / HV Batteries)